Metal Roofing Is The Long Term Solution. This will be the Last Roof you will ever need. While your neighbors may re-roof their homes many times, a quality Metal Roof from Core Building Solutions will be the Last Roof you will ever need. 

Metal roof from Core Building Solutions

Quality comes first.

Our Metal Roofing systems are designed to withstand extreme weather conditions including heavy snow loads, hail storms and wildfires. No matter the product you choose from Core Building Solutions quality always comes first. All of our Metal Roofing Products come with a 40 to 50 year warranty* insuring the roof you purchase is made to last. As an extra benefit, many times you will receive homeowners Insurance discounts for installing a quality metal roof on your home. Be sure to contact your insurance agency and let them know about the new metal roof you purchased.

All of our 35+ colors are Energy Star Approved! There are several different styles of metal roofing to choose from such as: metal roofing that looks like a Terra Cotta Tile, Metal Shingles, Standing Seam, R-Panel, and more.

*Only if that is the product purchased. Non-Warranty and 10 year Warranty panels are available as well.